Summer Student: Zika Virus
VIDO-InterVac, University of Saskatchewan, 120 Veterinary Road, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E3


There are two main genetically distinct lineages of Zika virus, African and Asian. We have established neonatal and fetal pig models for Zika virus infections. We are using our models to compare infection outcomes in fetuses/newborns in utero exposed to pre-epidemic African and epidemic Asian ZIKV strains. We use a multidisciplinary approach which includes animal models, immunological, classical and molecular virology methods.


This project will provide excellent training for a candidate who desires to pursue a career in scientific research.

Financial Support: The project is fully funded and the candidate is guaranteed a stipend for their training (May-August 2018).

Research Advisor: Uladzimir Karniychuk, DVM, Ph.D. For more information, visit:

The successful candidate will be required to undergo and meet certain requirements such as reliability status screening assessment, background check and a criminal record check as a condition of training.

Required Skills

A working knowledge of laboratory techniques. Most importantly, the candidate must be 1) highly motivated and creative, and 2) diligent, including a willingness to receive training outside of regular office hours, when required.


The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac) is a world leader in infectious disease research and vaccine development. With 150 interdisciplinary personnel, over $200 million in infrastructure and four decades of experience, our team seeks solutions to prevent and control human and animal infectious disease threats.

Note: VIDO-InterVac and the University of Saskatchewan is strongly committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. As such, applications from those who will contribute to the diversity of our community are welcome and all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. However, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority.

Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted

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